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Rodeo road at Survival '08 Click for Youtube clips If Only, filmed south of Coober Pedy SA 2008
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12 May 2013

These are Hard Times. This is the openning line to the chorus of the self-titled track on our new album which is on sale NOW! Seriously, it is available. At the end of the day we were only in the studio last year for one month. And apart from a few mix downs to get the sound just right, it was all done. The theme of the album is something we all know that goes without saying. It will be one fine day when we wake up and see the difference. Until then never forget thet Fitzroy Xpress will be out there playing our music loud and strong. We will be making sure you are dancing and singing along. With a Little bit of Country and Rock and Roll and songs that take you back to Home Sweet Home, like the cowboy that just won't get off that Rodeo Road, we ain't done rockin and rollin we've still got A Few More Songs To Go. This one is for all our friends, family and fans who have supported what Fitzroy Xpress has stood for over the last 31 Years.


Gigs in 2011/2012

Date Venue Town
15 July 2013
Tom Price (Venue to be confirmed)
Tom Price WA
3 June 2013
South Hedland Town Square
South Hedland WA
2 June 2013
Perth Concert Hall
Perth WA
31 May 2013
Goolarri Gimme Gimme Club
Broome WA
1 December 2012
Ellendale Diamond Mine
C/- Fitzroy Crossing WA
28 September 2012
Civic Hotel
Inglewood WA
22 September 2012
Ravenswood Hotel
Ravenswood WA
15 September 2012
Fremantle Art Centre
Fremantle WA
14 September 2012
Civic Hotel
Inglewood WA
10 August 2012
Boab Inn
Derby WA
6 July 2012
Naidoc Pundulmurra College
South Hedland WA
1 July 2012
Naidoc Roebourne
Roebourne WA
29 June 2012
Boab Inn
Derby WA
2 June 2012
Kimberley Moon Festival
Kununurra WA
19 May 2012
Halls Creek Festival
Halls Creek WA
18 May 2012
Gimme Gimme Club
Broome WA
26 February 2011
Tamin Amphitheatre
Tamin WA
25 February 2011 Stirling Arms Hotel Guildford WA
17, 18 & 19 February 2011
Boyup Brook Country Music Festival
Boyup Brook WA
16 February 2011
Stirling Arms Hotel
Guildford WA

belting it out at Boyup 25th aniversary concert

Relaxin on the banks of the yarra With James Reyne (Moomba 2009)

Tracey and Kayleen Marr (Bunuba Girls) Samson from Mowanjum (didge player on Bunuba Girl) at the launch of Home Sweet Home launch in fitzroy crossing


Fitzroy Xpress is a performing, touring and recording country rock outfit, which first hit the road in 1982.
Having endured the slog that accompanies long distance touring to take their music out to the people, these boys from the bush have developed a reputation amongst a few generations of loyal fans throughout Western Australia and more recently across state borders.

To keep with the times the band still travels regularly but they never lose touch with who they are and where they come from. For this reason Fitzroy Xpress will forever be based in their home town of Fitzroy Crossing,
which by the way is ' in the centre of the Kimberley' region of Western Australia.

It is with great pleasure that Fitzroy Xpress offer this Website to our loyal supporters.


Fitzroy Xpress also proudly supports the following Fitzroy Crossing Organisations



What Now?’s a funny thing this music industry business, some say its sink or swim.
So how has Fitzroy Xpress fared?
Well part of the answer is that I guess they have learnt to tread water.
Many bands come and go but not too many stand the test of time.

Although there have been a number of line up changes over the years, original guitarists Danny Marr and Alan Mclarty never lost sight of their vision to keep the music going. Playin since 1982 is a long time in one job by anyone’s standards.

The energy level required to sustain the desire to perform time and again over vast distances, sees the boys regularly focussing their energies around relaxing and tending to family and community duties between tours. The current of band members also include their Manager Jeremy Hart, Waylon Marr on drums, the acoustic rhythm guitarist Victor Marr and bass player Daron Keogh.

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Heading into 'Jigalong'- Remote Aboriginal Community WA

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